Professional Development Event – Study Abroad Fair


Wednesday, September 26th, I attend the $tart $mart workshop, given by a friendly woman named Annie Houle. The presentation was geared towards juniors and seniors, but as a freshman I was still allowed to attend. The purpose was to draw attention to the wage gap between men and women, and offer some solutions. On average, a woman makes 77 cents, for every dollar her male counterpart makes. For African Americans and Latinas, it’s even worse. And this difference is not made up over time. In fact, women college graduates will earnĀ $1.2 million less througout their careers than men with the same degrees. This problem is two-fold. First, men are often offered higher starting salaries because of a societal assumption that men are harder working and more aggressive, and also deserve more money because they are expected to raise a family. Secondly, men are more likely to negotiate a salary, while women generally accept what they are offered. To combat this, before accepting a job offer it is important to calculate what is a fair salary, and not accept anything less. It is important to aim high, but be realistic. Although I have a few years to go before I will be negotiating my first job offer, it was nice to get an overview of this process, and become aware of the astonishing wage gap I face as a woman.